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Open Space Office

YaMaps FZCO is a complete smart solutions company which takes it very seriously to improve and enhance your existing revenue channels and create new revenue channels ,same time decrease your expenses which leads to happy and fruitful business using full control of your house, office, hospital, restaurant and much more through your mobile. We have spent years to develop and integrate solutions that can take control of every vicinity in your house, work place or others through wireless smart technology which can settle in any environment and assist you in every aspect of your daily activities.


We at YaMaps are smart solutions provider for fast paced, competitive, driverless technology to help in every way which is helping the society and environment. We specialize in the below key benefits as a smart solution provider-



  • New revenue streams – We create new solutions to add new revenue using  technology to make your business more profitable.


  • Communication – We have the next generation technology to save time and energy.


  • Direct Connectivity – Our solutions need no old phones or heavy intercoms.


  • Energy – We have smart solutions to decrease your expenses and increase revenue.


  • Security – Our solutions will phase out physical security personals saving costs.


  • Smart Solutions – We have technology which works from your finger tips.


YaMaps has developed smart solutions for the usefulness and benefit of people, society, company and dedicated to create simple, easy technology to solve the codes of everyday needs if it is concerning communication, direct connectivity, energy conservation, security, smart applications for the next generation.


YaMaps is a complete smart solution for everyone. Be Smart for a brighter beginning and a great future.

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