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Ya IOT Services

  • We offer a full building Automation consultancy for both Home and Company.

  • Full Design, Specifications and Drawings.

  • Using unique softwares packages to visualize and control any Automation System, Audio/Video equipment and Media Servers with full two-way communication that enables control from any device using any customized interface. The best thing about it is it’s integrated with the full-range of  many smart automation products, making programming stunning interfaces easier than ever before.

  • Homes are more connected than ever before with the rapid growth and development of the smart home.

  • We also provide 3D softwares that corresponds the habitual for human three-dimensional perception of the world. since it is based on 3D-model of the controlled building, and that makes management of any facility fast, simple and for the first time genuinely intuitive.

    Developers are preparing for this technological revolution, as homes are no longer just composed of building materials.

  • We Build control and automation in a fast growing field, not only in commercial buildings but also in homes and residential developments.

  • We can help being key part of the overall construction team and getting involved at the earliest possible stage.

  • Applications range from managing the energy usage in a building to reduce carbon footprint, to offering a householder the ability to run their home from an smart phones and tablets.

  • Lighting features range from single channel control, to mood lighting/scenes control and energy management via the use of sensors.

  • Heating, cooling and ventilation control allows fully climate controlled zones, minimising energy usage in your  property .

  • Blinds, curtains, shutters and window controls provide ease of use, and are also effective to control operation to reduce heat loss during winter and to keep cool during the summer.

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